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The SEL Lab is a social enterprise that is focussed on bringing Social-Emotional Learning to individuals as well as to systems and institutions. We use leading curriculums from across the globe and we facilitate solutions that provide innovative interventions to build a stronger social-emotional framework within any kind of systems and institutions. Our major stakeholders are:

  • Formal and informal educators

  • Changemakers like social justice advocates, people working and leading non-governmental organizations, humanitarian workers, mental health professionals, leaders/innovators that work at and lead social enterprises, etc

  • Peace trainers, peace advocates, peace educators, anyone working in conflict resolution and prevention of violent extremism, policy making, etc 

  • Corporate and for profit organizations

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Our Vision

To build a resilient world that is more compassionate, peaceful and inclusive.

Mission Statement

To integrate social-emotional learning as an integral part of all systems and communities.

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The SEL Lab's Framework

The SEL Lab’s framework for social and emotional learning creates a holistic pathway to integrate SEL in institutions, communities, and individuals. The framework is based on three dominant pillars, each of which includes understanding, empowerment, and evolution of the self as well as of the systems we engage in.

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Our Work: About

Key Partners

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Mindful African

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Global Youth Alliance for Kindness

Emotional CPR

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