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Collective Resilience
for Covid19

Today, we walk into the darkest hour India has seen in decades. It has affected each one of us in some way- directly or indirectly, physically, mentally or emotionally. We grieve collectively as a community and as a nation, and in that idea lies the hope that we also have the ability to collectively heal and rebuild our resiliency.

The SEL Lab opens up this platform to share community resiliency techniques that can be useful for everyone who has been affected by this wave in India- frontline workers, families of frontline workers, people that are dealing with the loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, this list is endless. Here, we come together as a community to find ways to rebuild our own resilience and that of others around us.

This community hour for collective resilience will meet once every week on Wednesdays starting 12th May 2021 and is open to all. We will share more details in the next few posts. If you are an SEL faciliator, researcher, mental health professional and would like to join this movement by sharing your tools and techniques,

please email here:

Resilience for Covid19: Welcome

Our partners for the Collective Resilience Series

Our deepest gratitude to all our partners that supported our 8 week Collective Resilience series for our community

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Think Equal


Life University

Emotional CPR

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Movement Positive

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Safe Spaces

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Maeve Therapy

Resilience for Covid19: Clients

Collective Resilience- Session 8

June 30th, 2021, 6-630 pm IST
Zoom ID : 81356209885 (No passcode required)

Collective Resilience session 8 with Sowmya Parthasarathy, Founder, Movement Positive.

Sowmya Parthasarathy is the founder of Movement Positive. Movement Positive is a social enterprise that offers art-based experiential programmes focussed on building social-emotional skills and life skills in students, thereby enabling them to set and achieve positive goals and achieving their true potential. Sowmya is an expressive arts facilitator, certified counsellor, photographer and a media graduate with over 18 years of work experience with organisations such as Real Image Media Technologies, Mudra Communication, FoodTribe, Trivone Digital and JobsForHer. Mother of a 10 yr old, Sowmya finds art to be an empowering tool to gain clarity about oneself. Coaching over 700+ youth and women to find their purpose, Sowmya believes that mindfulness and art lends a non-judgemental, safe space to discover one's true potential and live life to the fullest.

CR 8_edited.jpg
Resilience for Covid19: Welcome

Collective Resilience- Session 7

June 23rd, 2021, 6-630 pm IST
Zoom ID : 81356209885 (No passcode required)

Collective Resilience Session 7 Faciliator: Sadhika Bhardwaj 

Sadhika is a specialized Child Psychologist and a Clinical Psychologist. She has first hand experience in dealing with children, teenagers, adolescents and young adults. She has developed psychometric tests and has written and published articles and papers. She is also a graduate member of the British Psychological Society (BPS). 

Sadhika is committed to serving the community and has been offering affordable therapy to people of all ages.

Resilience for Covid19: Welcome

Collective Resilience- Session 6

June 16th, 2021, 6-7 pm IST
Zoom ID : 884 1987 2182
Passcode: 096441
or Click on the link:

The SEL Lab x Think Equal presents a community hour for parents/teachers to learn SEL resources for 3-6 year old children. 

About Think Equal and the session: 

The session will introduce parents, teachers and anyone interested in SEL to Think Equal. The mission is to achieve a global system change in education introducing Social and Emotional Learning as a compulsory new subject on national curricula around the world. The programme is aimed at 3-6 year old children and teaches 25 competencies of S&E such as gender equality, empathy, resilience and celebration of diversity. The session will provide free parent packs consisting of 6 books and 18 sessions to go through with your children. 

Who is the trainer? 

Shenel Shefik  - A Think Equal Master Trainer and Education Specialist in Emotional Intelligence. As an ex-teacher of Psychology and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education), she believes that emotional intelligence, not only need to be prioritised in schools, but parents need support to develop these competencies in their children from the earliest of ages! We can shape and re-wire the brain and so Shenel is dedicated to helping parents and schools build social and emotional skills to our next generation. 

Collective Resilience.png
Resilience for Covid19: Welcome

Collective Resilience- Session 5

June, 2021, 6-630pm IST

Zoom ID : 81356209885 (no passcode required)

Collective resilience session 5 facilitator: Remi Busch, Tanzania

Remi is a Certified Montessori Education Specialist, Youth and Child Counselor and Empowerment Trainer, who uses a Solution Focused Brief Coaching approach to empower the individual through creative and cognitive thinking. Remi's work has a holistic focus on emotional intelligence and the intersection of race, gender, class, and other power relations, in order to impact a community which is more aware and compassionate.

Remi .jpeg
Resilience for Covid19: Welcome

Collective Resilience- Session 4

June 2nd, 2021, 6-630pm IST

Zoom ID : 81356209885 (no passcode required)

Collective resilience session 4 facilitator: Lauren Spiro, Florida, US 

Lauren’s focus is on engaging the wisdom within – on an individual, group, and organizational level. Her life’s mission is to embody inner peace to co-create global peace, thus she inspires us to appreciate the vast creativity and intelligence of both nature/the environment and of the human heart/mind/spirit so we build pathways for everyone to come home. She convenes and co-initiates global spaces to engage diverse people in positive, integrative change including aligning our deepest values and vision with our day-to-day life, developing our capacity for compassion, and enhancing our experience of coherence both within the self and within groups.

She co-founded two non-profit corporations and Emotional CPR (, is a multi-media artist and published writer, 20+ year practitioner of yoga and meditation, a blogger on Mad in America (, and she served very successfully for seven years as the first Director of the National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery. She has an M.A. in clinical/community psychology.  For more information see

Resilience for Covid19: Welcome

Collective Resilience- Session 3

May 26th 2021, 6-630pm IST

Zoom ID : 81356209885 (no passcode required)

Collective resilience session 3 facilitator: Shane O'Connor, Spain

Shane leads the CIT Education Initiative and coordinates the Global  Education Network, which aims to connect educators, those passionate about education, formal and non-formal education centers and institutions across the globe and to offer, support, integrate and share CIT. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Shane lives with his family in Madrid, Spain. He has studied Journalism, and has post-graduates in Development Education, Mediation and Restorative Practice. He has over two decades of experience working for local peace and human rights organizations, as well as larger International NGOs and educational institutions in the Global North and South.

Shane session 3.jpeg
Resilience for Covid19: Welcome

Collective Resilience- Session 2

May 19th 2021, 6-630pm IST

Zoom ID : 81356209885 (no passcode required)

Collective resilience session 2 facilitator: Anum Mulla, India

Anum is a writer, editor and an empathy & compassion cultivation facilitator. With roots in India, Pakistan, the Middle East and Canada, she is passionate about the fluid interrelation of cultures and perspectives, and is a strong advocate of social justice and reform. Anum studied political science and history at the University of Toronto. She is a certified facilitator of the Compassionate Integrity Training Program as well as the Social Emotional & Ethical Learning Program (Emory University) and is an active member of the International Charter for Compassion. She was a part of the facilitator team for CIT for Educators in San Antonio, Texas, and is currently on the team for CIT for Young Changemakers, CIT for Educators in Africa and CIT for Educators in South Asia. 

Anum session.jpeg
Resilience for Covid19: Welcome

Collective Resilience- Session 1

May 12th 2021, 6-630pm IST

Zoom ID : 81356209885 (no passcode required)

Collective resilience session 1 facilitator: Ashyia Akhtar, England (UK)

Ashyia is based just outside of London, England (UK). She studied Biomedical Science at University and completed a masters in Bioethics and Medical Law. A mum of 2 boys and a Primary School teacher who teaches children from ages 7-11 years old, Ashyia is a passionate advocate of SEL. She is a CIT and SEE (Social, Emotional & Ethical) Learning facilitator, and currently leads the SEE Learning implementation in her school. 

Resilience for Covid19: Welcome
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