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Social-Emotional Learning in today's world

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) empowers an individual to manage their emotions, build constructive and positive relationships, and be compassionate to themselves as well as to the world around them. It gives adults and children tools to have a sense of agency to bring about change in the systems they are part of and appreciate interdependence. Hence, The SEL Lab considers social emotional learning to be fundamental for peace resolution, conflict transformation and social justice. Social Emotional learning is at the core of building systems that are focussed on equity, diversity and inclusion. 

Some of the benefits of social-emotional learning are:

Individuals- Improved ability to manage and understand emotions, positive and empathetic social interactions​​, build resilience, responsible decision-making, improved mental health in the long term.

Community-Build community resilience, give tools for non-violent dialogue, negotiation and conflict resolution, appreciate interdependence, and have a sense of agency in the systems/communities that we are part of and eventually build a generation of compassionate, just, equal leaders.


Collective Resilience
for Covid19

Today, we walk into the darkest hour India has seen in decades. It has affected each one of us in some way- directly or indirectly, physically, mentally or emotionally. We grieve collectively as a community and as a nation, and in that idea lies the hope that we also have the ability to collectively heal and rebuild our resiliency.

The SEL Lab opens up this platform to share community resiliency techniques that can be useful for everyone who has been affected by this wave in India- frontline workers, families of frontline workers, people that are dealing with the loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, this list is endless. Here, we come together as a community to find ways to rebuild our own resilience and that of others around us.

This community hour for collective resilience will meet once every week on Wednesdays starting 12th May 2021 and is open to all. If you are an SEL faciliator, researcher, mental health professional and would like to join this movement by sharing your tools and techniques, please email us at :


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Mohammad Afzal Zarghoni
Researcher, Peacebuilder, Fellow at KAICIID

"The CIT South Asia program at The SEL Lab gave me an insight on human values for social and emotional flourishing. It has improved my ability to have empathic concern which is essential for a war zone country like Afghanistan, which has been suffering for 44 years, in complex and proxy conflict, which has a direct impact on my daily life and collective flourishing."