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Why is SEL important for our social justice, social change and social development?

Social Emotional Learning tools serve as growth and change tools to build institutions on the foundation of equity, diversity and inclusion. The SEL Lab is focused on building a generation of just and compassionate leaders that are committed to social change, social justice and development.

SEL for Changemakers: About

Completed Programs 2020

Social Emotional Learning for Changemakers in India 2020 

Curriculum: Compassionate Integrity Training

Graduated in December 2020

Social Emotional Learning for Changemakers in India 2020 focused on developing social emotional competences through the CIT curriculum. The SEL Lab was thrilled to have a diverse people including educators, social entrepreneurs, mental health workers and corporate leaders representing over mutliple states from across India. Our first batch of certified leaders in Social-Emotional Learning! At The SEL Lab we use SEL tools for reflection, dialogue and critical thinking to give leaders SEL tools for their work in social justice, social change and development in their fields of work.  We thank each of our participants for being incredible changmakers contributing to making India more just, equal and compassionate.

Change makers
SEL for Changemakers: Services

The SEL Lab's Changemakers:

SEL for Changemakers: Testimonials

Pooja Gandhi Shah
Mumbai, India
Founder, Align

“The Compassionate Integrity Training by The SEL Lab has been very aligning for me as a process overall. There are tons of things you subconsciously understand or are aware off but you cant really draw them as a mind map. You cant really put the right words in the right format to make sense of the cause and effect of it all. These sessions conducted by Anokhi really helped in adding some structure, logic and format to things that we often get tangled up in. Post the session i would find it fascinating to see certain things play out in my own life and find it a lot easier to then decode them and retain some sense of compassion and empathy. Each session is a great building block to a more stable, EQ driven and safe future for us all.”

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